How can i Generate a simple token(without smart contract)?

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I wanted to issue two series of tokens on Ethereum platform. How would you do this? If you're able to do this, what capabilities does this token have (based on my own definition of that)? What's the difference between a typical token and a token which requires smart contract definition? When does token necessarily require smart contract?
Would you please tell me about its terms and conditions?
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    @cryptoanalyzer Except for Ether itself, a token is a smart contract implementation generally following the ERC20 API Standard.

    The API specify the following functions:

    balanceOf(tokenHolder); // get balance of an account
    transfer(to, amount); // transfer tokens to another account by owner
    transferFrom(from, to, amount); // transfer tokens to another account by an approved spender
    approve(spender, amount); // Approve a 3rd party spender to send upto an amount of tokens on the owners behalf
    allowance(owner, spender) // return the amount of tokens a spend can transfer on behalf of the owner
  • cryptoanalyzercryptoanalyzer Member Posts: 4
    Dear Orageman ,thank you for ur reply,if i access to u via team viewer ,is that possible for u help me to generate that?
    Thank you again .

  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,291 mod
    @cryptoanalyzer For now I'll refer you to the tutorial on creating tokens. Working through it will give you a much better understanding of the Ethereum platform and the purpose of tokens
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