What current motherboards support 6+ GPUs.

emperorneroemperornero Member Posts: 29
Finding that z170 doesn't work.

There are some AMD boards with 6 PCIe but I don't want to venture into finding if they work or not. The 990FX for instance.

Most of the Pro BTC and H97 are out of stock literally everywhere and I'm not paying the reseller premium of like 300+ bucks.



  • danyalbmwdanyalbmw Member Posts: 51
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    well Asrock H81 Pro BTC 2 is availeble I think
    Also MSI Z97 Gaming 5 & Msi Gaming pro carbon ,hasve reasonable Prices with 7 GPU support
    I personally use Asus Maximus VIII Hero, not cheapest but at least when I want to play games, I can count on that
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