Gray Matter Cases v3

LickMyNvidiaLickMyNvidia Member Posts: 36
I just got my New Case today. They changed the color, which is ****ing with my OCD. They moved the power button to the front added a reset button. They also split the top of the case so you can open the side where the GPU's are or you can open the side where the Motherboard and CPU are. ALL GREAT UPGRADES. My concern is they also switched it around. Now, from front to back, fans pulling in air, 6 GPU's, motherboard and CPU, open back.

I am concerned that the heat from the GPU's is going to over heat the CPU as it is no longer getting cool air, it's getting hot air exhausted from the GPU's.

What do you all think? Should I risk a CPU, Motherboard and RAM kit or just send it back?


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