How many ETH a day with 144mh/s? (6 x 24mh/s)

_happy_happy Member Posts: 1
Hello miners,

I'm new to this forum and planning to start mining with 6 RX480 gpu's. I will probably get around 24mh/s per gpu. 6 x 24 = 144mh/s in total.

My questions:
1. How much Ethereum can I mine with 144mh/s in a day at this moment?
2. And how fast is this number decreasing over time?

I searched for some online mining calculators and found that I would probably mine 0.263438 ETH per day with 144mh/s (source: This is all hypothetical offcourse and assumes you would be mining 100% of the time, which I think isn't possible due to software crashes, broken hardware, power failure etc.

Can somebody confirm these numbers? Or are these numbers different in practice? Thanks in advance.
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