nanopool question on accepted shares?

arzeleearzelee Member Posts: 6
I'm not sure if its the same for other pools but why do I get 0 accepted shares and at times get 5?
rig 980 (3802,1454)
avg 19Mh/s in 24hr
driver 376.33
genoil 1.04b3
setting at 'g'
window 7 64 bit


  • cryptorexcryptorex Member Posts: 46
    edited April 2017
    Tell us a little bit more. Have you checked your wallet address on What does it say about shares? What does the genoil miner output say? Give a screenshot of it if you don't mind. You should be getting much more than 5 shares in 24hrs.

    Setting 'G' you mean you are using nvidia card? If I remember correctly ethminer uses -G switch for CUDA and -M for openCL. Not sure if I remember that correctly.
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