Coinbase to Ethereum wallet issue?

I recently sent some Ether coins to my desktop Ethereum Wallet from coinbase... but they never arrived.

Shortly after the transaction was confirmed on coinbase with 104 confirmations, I went to my Ethereum wallet where a screen popped up saying something about "gas", or there not being enough or something?. I closed that, but now can seem to work out what happened to my money and what to do next.

All seemed straight forward on coinbase end, but a little more frustrating in the Ethereum wallet 0 - 8 - 9

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated


  • rkat55rkat55 Member Posts: 7
    Just had the same thing happen to me will be interested in the answer.
  • tdethtdeth Member Posts: 1
    If you do a search on Coinbase in Reddit you'll see lots of complaints of closed accounts, ID verification delays, loss of money transfers, loss of BTC/ ETH transfers.

    No support other than some email bots and no official word from them.

    STAY AWAY from Coinbase. I wish I had.
  • Benny070069Benny070069 Member Posts: 3
    rkat55 said:

    Just had the same thing happen to me will be interested in the answer.

    Hey rkat55, Just looking at it a little closer, it seem like the transaction has arrived but a "account contract" needs to be opened before it will deposit the funds. A contract account being different to your wallet. I have been reading that it costs ether for any deposit and as it take computing power to generate.

    Still dont get how to get it all to happen though!

    As you need gas to pay for this contract to be settled, not sure how that is going to happen as I dont have any ether in my account to pay the gas bill!

    I will keep digging.
  • cryptorexcryptorex Member Posts: 46
    Very interested in this. Any updates? @Benny070069
  • Vex256Vex256 Member Posts: 7
    All of this said, what is considered the (De-facto) best exchange/wallet system to use? Have noticed that Kraken has limitation in geo/locale support, thus not totally ideal.

    Using Coinbase now without issues (end to end), but want to get a head of this type of thing.
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