How to retreive bought Ethereum


I'm new to digitial wallets.
I bought some Ethereum a week ago and now I'm trying since than to show it in my Ethereum Wallet (Windows).
I have created a main account (etherbase) in the software and I used this address for sending the Ethereum to.

I tried to sync with the blockchain through geth --fast but after it finished I fired up my Ethereum Wallet Software and still didn't see my bought Ethereum.
Is it because I need an week old blockchain that I need to do a full geth sync without the fast parameter?
Because I don't know if a fast sync will get the transaction details to show my Ethereum.
I'm trying to do a full sync at this moment but after 2 million blocks it just goes verry slow with somethimes 2 blocks per 15 minutes.
I'm running it for 3 days straight and I still need 1 million blocks to donwload.

And do I need to have the Ethereum Wallet software open while performing the geth sync or can I fire it up when the sync is done (right now I have it open because I'm desperate to get my Ethereum)?
Or is it possible to do a fast sync until I'm almost at my transaction block and do a full sync from that moment?
Or maybe do a fast sync and manualy sync the transaction from the block, witch hold my Ethereum?

I'm sorry for the noob questions but I'm new to this and just want control over my bought Ethereum.


  • 1namyln1namyln Member Posts: 4
    I installed "Ethereum Wallet" Mist just from Googling without much direction as to what I should use for a local wallet. Had it up and running a few days with only 2%. Stumbled into geth, downloaded and installed and now the wallet is moving right along. Computer hardware is tasked but things look like their working now.

    All that said, I have no idea what I just did. I'm trying to hold ETH on my local machine. Like BTC wallet.
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