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Good day everybody...

i just started with mining and build myself a prototype miner with stuff i had laying around mostly unused....
My configuration is:

3x XFX Radeon RX 480 RX480M8BFA6 Reference design - Samsung Memory
1x Xeon E5-2698V4 ES (20 core, 40 threads, 2,3ghz, 50mb L3)
1x Supermicro X10SRA-F motherboard
2x 16Gb ECC DDR4
1x 1000W EVGA G2

GPU Installation:
All 3 GPU´s are installed internally to the motherboards PCI Sockets 2, 4 and 6.
6 is running in 16x, 4 & 2 are running in 8x

Windows 10
Crimson 16.9.2
Claymore dual GPU miner v8.0 (though only using single miner mode)
Docker with Monero CPU miner from servethehome.com

Past and current mining performance:
- my 3 cards made out of the boy 23-24Mh/s with crimson 17.3.3
- changed drivers to 16.9.2 witch improved to about 24-25Mh/s
- Downloaded Bios of cards, made a copy entered PolarisBiosEditor and copied the timing string from 1750 to 2000, wich improved performance to 25-26Mh/s

26Mh/s is what i currently max. achieve per card.

Obviously i have seen an dread the threads about the 31Mh/s modded bios and i have tried to flash it on my cards. unfortunately i have returned with a flashing error. I have loaded the 30Mh/s version into the polaris editor and have seen that it says 4gb Version. i Further then have copied all settings for speed, voltages and timings to my original Bios, once successfully flashed and rebooted the installed drivers do not regignize the card and boots without loading the drivers. I have flashed the card back and only modified now the timing string from 1750 to 2000....

i hope somebody can take me by the hand and guide me to make my cards finally run 30Mh/s in a power efficient manner...

Thank you for your support and time,
Have a great day!

Post i am referring to:

Current mining performance:


  • fojmanfojman Member Posts: 5
    I have got the same cards, situation is pretty similar - one card has 29Mh, second - from 21 to 27. So, re what i did - just copied from 1750 to 2000. So, what should be the next step to increase rate? ( up mem frequence and in parrallel add voltage?..)
    Thx in advance.
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    when you flash bios, just delete driver and leave windows 10 default install driver and will be okay, because new driver Crimson do not support moded bios
  • fojmanfojman Member Posts: 5
    hi, im using 16.9.1 which does not check bios sum, so driver sees card, but max hash rate is 29.5 for solo eth,
    i just copied 1750 to 2000, how to speed up to at least 30Mh? as far as i starting understand - only by increasing voltage(no power - not hashes :smile: )
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