Official Vote Happening Right Now to Reduce Block Reward

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Currently there is a debate going on about reducing block reward, and the official vote is going on right now at:

This is a misguided move by the developers, who are also significant coin-holders. This is clearly a huge conflict of interest. Since reducing the block reward will likely result in a higher ETH price due to reduced issuance, as well as making sure current coin holders keep a greater % of the ETH for future staking purposes, this move is designed to help only those who already hold significant amounts of ETH. The only people who lose in this scenario are the miners.

Please vote NO for reducing the block reward.


  • x2xx2x Member Posts: 2
    How can I send a 0 eth transaction from my mist wallet? I tried to vote but it tells me "You didn't specify an amount to spend" Or do I need to do this through Geth, coinbase, etc?
  • x2xx2x Member Posts: 2
    For everyone else joining this thread you can see details about the vote on

    To vote "NO" on whether or not block rewards should be decreased for miners simply send 0 eth to the following address with at least 0.0006 ETH (30,000 gas) transaction fee.

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    You can submit 0 ETH transactions using MyEtherWallet.
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    scam ?
    that not our choice ... if they reduce it , they have no more value than bitcoin founder active yet ... they think only to her profit .... change reward just because value of ETH raise ? it ridiculous ... why punish miner who are one of the 1st reason why eth is secure
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