ETH from mining not showing in Mist

kodiak1120kodiak1120 Member Posts: 8
I started mining recently. My first payout was:

When I start Mist, I click on Main Account (Etherbase), but the amount shows 0.0 ETH. Does it need to sync? Also, there is a note about incoming transactions not being displayed and it says I have to create a wallet contract to see incoming transactions. So I'm assuming I need to create a contract??? I'm confused.


  • kodiak1120kodiak1120 Member Posts: 8
    I tried to create a contract, like the message says, but then I get an error message that I have insuffient funds in my account??? What am I supposed to do?
  • kodiak1120kodiak1120 Member Posts: 8
    I figured it out... my Mist wasn't downloading the blockchain. It was stuck at 90k blocks ago. I installed it on my laptop, downloaded the whole blockchain, and then imported my wallet files from my other computer. It's working now. Still can't get Mist to download the blockchain on my desktop computer though. I'll have to try uninstalling and reinstalling Mist.
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