Need help joining a pool with geth

jappishjappish Member Posts: 2
I'm just learning mining and would like to join a pool. Thing is, I setup an old server that was laying around just to see how good/bad it was with mining ethereum.. using 24GB RAM and dual Xeon CPUs (16 threads) and it's not that bad, I'm getting 24MH/s on average!. I have three more laying around and would like to connect to a pool and plan to eventually install GPUs in them aswell (I just have two old GPUs, a GT8600 and a GT9600 at the moment) but I can't find any instructions for joining with geth. I'm running geth on ubuntu atm.

Is it even possible to join a pool with geth?

I've tried installing ethminer, qtminer, Genoils miner, but all end in errors. All of these are still just for GPU mining, aren't they so that's why I stopped troubleshooting.


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