AKASHA Project AETH Token By Vitalik Buterin

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Advanced Knowledge Architecture for Social Human Advocacy As a word, AKASHA ( [aːkaːʃə], आकाश) has roots in Sanskrit and means “ether” in both its elemental and metaphysical senses. The ancient Sanskrit-speaking civilization envisioned akasha as a metaphysical information network connecting humanity with itself and infinite knowledge. In this paradigm, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences are stored forever and shared through the ether, which acts as an universal field connecting multiple planes of existence. Thousands of years later we have created a modern information network openly connecting humans with each other and perpetual knowledge. As a decentralized application AKASHA deploys a next-generation information architecture born from the fusion of Ethereum and the Inter-Planetary File System. Thanks to these technologies we were able to create a planetary-scale information network immune to censorship by design, where your thoughts and ideas will echo throughout humanity’s existence.

Website: http://akashaproject.io/
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