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comdcomd Member Posts: 2
I'm new to this. I have bought ether in the sale but don't know what to do with the .json files. I'm more used to downloading wallets.
Help with this would be appreciated..thanks

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  • DaruhshieDaruhshie Member Posts: 3
    comd said:

    I'm new to this. I have bought ether in the sale but don't know what to do with the .json files. I'm more used to downloading wallets.
    Help with this would be appreciated..thanks

    I would also love to have a simple walk through of what I should expect, see and or do. I've bought 1 BTC worth of ETH through the website, downloaded the ethereal client (?) because I thought this was the wallet, waited and waited and did get an email with a ethereum_wallet_backup.json but now what? The blockchain indicates the BTC was send to the provided address, I have an Ethereum address how can I check what is actually in the wallet file? I never received a wallet.json file through the website (which I would presume would contain the private key to the 2000 ETH) or was able to download it (I was using firefox). The explanation of how to check via python scrypts in the trouble shoot section are methods a little over my head, Please advise.
  • DaruhshieDaruhshie Member Posts: 3
    avsa said:

    You don't do anything with the .json file. You store it and wait for the actual code to be released, sometime in the northern winter.

    Hi Avsa, thank you for your reply. So untill then there is no easy way to check there is actually something like 2000 Ether fuel units reserved of which my per mail received json file is the key?
  • BittBurgerBittBurger Member Posts: 7
    Instructions were given on the screen when you purchased the Ether.

    You have to sit and wait at least 10 minutes to 1 hour for 6 confirmations. While that was happening, this was on the screen:

    Step 6: Download your wallet

    This file represents your private key to your wallet. It is in the form of a .json file that has been encrypted with your password. When the ethereum blockchain goes live you can import this file into your wallet and the balance will reflect the amount of purchased ether.

    1) Write down your password and store it in a secure location
    2) Backup your wallet .json file on multiple secure mediums
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    Yeah till now there is no Ether as the final Ethereum blockchain does not exist yet! All the client does now happens on a blockchain that gets reseted every now and then. Wait for the Ethereum launch, then your coins will actually exist!
  • comdcomd Member Posts: 2
    Thank you everyone for your import on this. It clarified all. With thanks
  • bochacobochaco ArgentinaMember Posts: 19
    Hey @Daruhshie, perhaps this is what you are looking for
  • DaruhshieDaruhshie Member Posts: 3
    Thank you all, I received the back-up json file and at some point the transaction had plenty of confirmations with still 0 on my screen.. so I think something did not go quite as planned. But I've been told the back-up I received via email will do the trick once the blockchain goes live.
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  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
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