Will Ether go up in value?

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So with the Ether presale, this is the million dollar question. Ether will be used to fuel smart contracts, it can also be mined. Mining = greater supply, and popularity of ether = greater demand. Depending on how these two things balance out, either value can increase or decrease. So what do you guys think? Or should the presale be left to only those who wish to use Ether to fuel apps at this stage?


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    It will fluctuate.

    Of course there are people who think it'll go up vs. the current rate vs. BTC, otherwise they wouldn't be buying.
    And of coruse there are other people who aren't buying.
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    machinery said:

    the million dollar question.

    Converting BTC (or fiat) into ☰ther, $peculatively, or perceiving ☰thereum as a competing crypto-currency, subject to volatility, is a short-sighted, Decaying World Operating $ystem /\ngle to thee Magick happening here.

    There are a plethora of 'crypto-currencies' to ride charts on all day long if that's what you're into @machinery.

    You're HERE NOW, witnessing the tranzfewZEN ov LiGht into thee veins ov th33 ViZEN ov ☰theREum <- the first ov the N.ew E.arth O.perating ϟ.ystems...

    ϟ∇⋈⋈∇⋈ BÔΠ∇Ṃ 418

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    I personally think it will go down at launch. There are so many buyers at the moment, at the moment about 4million dollar are invested in Ethereum. Compared to the activity on the forum, it seems like most of the people are just investing in Ethereum in order to make a profit and not really to use their Ether when it launches. Conclusion: I think we have a big bubble before we even have a product! I hope not, because I am also in with 4btc! ^^
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