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Is there any project over the community to create a translator --> javascript to solidity, meteor to solidity ...


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    @Jabid Javascript is used to talk to Ethereum through the Web3.js library. It's not something you can write contracts in but is instead used to write the GUI front-ends to contracts. Meteor is the preferred JS framework as it's reactive and template driven making DAPP developments much slicker. It's also natively supported by Mist.

    Solidity is the language specifically for writing Ethereum smart-contracts which compile to EVM bytecode and are deployed on the chain.

    So in that regard, there is no such thing as a 'translator' (transpiler) from JS to Solidity, though there is no theoretical reason why someone can't build a compiler that takes JS syntax and produces EVM bytecode. It would be doubtful that this will happen as the EVM is a highly constrained machine architecture that requires specialist languages and compilers that take those constraints into account.

    That said...Solidity is really quite an efficient and easy language to learn so there's no reason not to learn it from the start.
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    ok :) so clear !
    Thank you.
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