Homestead gas reprice fork hash mismatch

Hi everybody,

I am running geth 1.5.8 in a private chain and yesterday it reached block 2,463,000 and stopped mining with the following error: Invalid header on mined block:
Homestead gas reprice fork hash mismatch: have 0x206a5a403eb0fdb1d3a0314e1f409d021a9e12d09932793d44df2b82c7093ac1, want 0x2086799aeebeae135c246c65021c82b4e15a2c451340993aacfd2751886514f0 

Any idea? I thought the EIP-150 fork was included since version 1.5.x, so I am not totally sure why I am seeing this issue.

Thanks a lot,
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