Product/Market fit survey for Crypto Hedge Fund

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Hi All!

We are currently conducting a Product/Market fit survey and we are interested in identifying and learning more about our potential customers. Our goal is to create a cryptocurrency hedge fund powered by the Melon blockchain protocol (Green Paper here:

We are working on the development of two products:

a) Forecasting Web API/software license [Intended for Active traders]
Based on proprietary technology
97.5%+ accuracy working prototype
Wide range of assets classes (Stocks, forex, commodities, crypto)

b) Melon Protocol Smart Contract [For amateur and professional investors]
Powered by our proprietary forecasting tech
Quantitative approach to trading
Crypto optimized trading strategies
Exposure to traditional asset classes (US Stocks, forex, commodities)
3% Management Fee, 25% Performance Fee

Based on our two offerings we would like to ask for your comments and feedback with a quick 10-question Survey (

Thanks a lot for your support!
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