Selling crypto currency?

I have some Bitcoin and ether but I do not know how to sell them online reliably. Can anyone explain to me how to sell both Bitcoin and ether safely getting the most profit?

Thank you!


  • agent412agent412 Member, Moderator Posts: 293 mod
    sell it on an exchange, like poloniex or gemini.
  • tedytedy Member Posts: 26
    For trading cryptocoins poloniex has the most volume (is the biggest site. And kinda dictates how the price of a coin moves for all of the sites).
    For crypto to fiat i use kraken. To send them to eu countries is 0.09€ fee. But in usa i think is a bigger fee. But there are other sites good too ( ; coinbase). Just search for reviews before you make an account and get verified and always look at all the conditions to get verified.
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