Lets get the party started

Ok people, enough is enough.

I just read the article on Cryptocoinsnews:

Opinion: Nigeria Needs Bitcoin Regulation.

I’m sure a lot of you have also read it. Actually I didn’t read it all because it’s not this article that is the basis for this post. But, it is an ‘eye opener’.

“Security-wise, particularly in these days of kidnappings and computer hacks for ransom, a lot more is at stake each passing day as the recession-hit country delays in putting measures in place to monitor and study Bitcoin’s use to move funds. It may be hijacked and used in ways that may hamper the nation’s overall interest.”

It seems that the emphasis of this article is the possibility of exploitation by criminal activity…it goes on…

“Bitcoin presents an easy form of money exchange that could replace the human courier being used to transport cash without a trace. It serves for easy transaction between two people in distant locations as well as a major tool that hackers, kidnappers or terrorists could use to access or transfer funds within or out of the country.”

Yes, we must agree that the statements are true,


Let us not be fooled for one moment.

There is so much money activity in this world through the current channels that it very much dwarfs the cryptocurrency world…at the moment. I have worked in the corporate treasury department of one of the largest investment banks in the world.

Are we so brainwashed that we believe that the only money activity that goes on in such channels is all legit just because it is interbank, intergovernmental or intercountry.

Well of course we are.

There are vast sums of money exchanging custody though the current channels that is illegitimate or of criminal intent or result.
If regulation or disclosure of digital currency movement is to be implemented let’s apply the same strategy to fiat currency and banking as we know it……. Yeah right.

In my opinion, so take this as you read it I’m not looking for debate…. just my opinion.

The only difference between the current monetary systems and cryptocurrency is the lack of control by the super and uber rich and those people in power, elected or not, who kiss their asses in return for election or contributions to some foundation or charity!! (Clinton Cash!)

For too long we the people have accepted the rules, the regulation, the restraints, the lies and diversions and the system as is. Who is it actually designed for? Not the people I can tell you.

I’m not sure where I’m leading with this I just know that money makes the world go around and I don’t want to ride on the corrupt carousel anymore.

We must support the cryptocurrency world by telling our friends and neighbours about it. If you’re reading this, I guess you’re at the very least an enthusiast. Do all your friends know of the possibilities that you do?

Tell your friends and family, show them how to send from wallet to wallet. Explain how to buy cryptocurrency, sell cryptocurrency and maybe even mine a bit with their cpu!

It’s up to us……
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