help help please rx470

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hi there
i have just bought 2xSapphire rx470 4gb nitro plus( one of them is hynix and the other one is elpaid)and i am going to start gpu mining.
my rig specifications:
mb: Gigabyte z170x ud3 (latest bios)
ram:: 2x4gb g.skill tridentz
Psu: 1050 watt platinum
Last night i put both cards into pci express slots ,flashed the moded bios to boost the hashrate and installed win10 , everything was ok, even i mined (for testing purpose) some ETC.
Today i decided to use my riser cables (deepcool 16x16) to start mining but to my surprise when i connected the cables, i noticed that in GPUZ the PIXLE FILLRATE and TEXTURE FILLRATE were reported unknown. as a result my system became unstable and even msi afterburners didn't detect the cards.
I have 3 riser cables and all of them were the same (i tested the cables individually) even i tested one of my 1x16 riser cables windows didn't detect anything as if i didn't connect the gpu to motherboard.
is it possible that all the cables are faulty and twi of them (16x16) show the same symptoms?
what do you think i should do?


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