Rx470 win 10 problem,REWARD for the best solution

amd1361amd1361 Member Posts: 26
I am going to start mining with two Sapphire rx470 4gb nitro plus.One of them has hynix memory and the other one has elpida one. I have flashed both of them with the right bios to boost the hashrate.My os is win10 pro . The problem is that during the installation of radeon driver(tested both 16.9.1 and 16.12) when the second card is detected(fans go off) then the screen goes black.and Windows restarts and it won't boot up. When i check each card individually with their original and modded roms everything is ok.
mb: Gigabyte z170 ud3
the gpus are connected with 16x16 riser cables.
The best solution to this problem will be rewarded.
PS.somewhere on the internet i read about patching the driver so please help me with details if i have to patch it to make it work


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