Nonstop 42 MH/s and balance still at 0

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Hello everybody, I'm a new Ethereum enthusiast and this is my first post on the forum.

I'm mining alone (not in a pool) 42 MH/s nonstop since 24 days thanks to 2 GeForce GTX 1060 GPU.

I still have the weird:
> eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase)
This is my adress: mining calculator says:
It will take you an average of 21.80 days to find 1 Block

What is the standard deviation ? Is my situation still normal ? Am I doing something wrong ?
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    To start, I think it would be better to mine in a pool, nanopool, ethpool, ethermine ect
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    ethereum "enthusiast". hmm. doesnt know that 2 GTX 1060s isnt going to make shit mining solo. Why do people keep coming to the fourm and ask why they arent making crap solo mining when they have less than 50 MH/s? I think there's an ethereum mining guide out there that needs to be updated...
    anyway. welcome to the forum! like @jsanzsp said, you need to mine to a pool. Your hashrate is not high enough to mine solo. Ethermine is a good pool to start with.
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    Thanks for your answers. I don't complain, I'm just testing the entier process by myself. What I don't understand is why 42 MH/s would not be enough if 50 MH/s are. What is the theoretical justification ?
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    @fgallaire you might wait several months to find a block with that hashrate, and that's presuming your node is running perfectly all the time. If your node gets out of sync, you'll end up producing an orphan worth nothing (you might have already - impossible to know unless you're tracking your own blocks). Not to mention that zolo mining direct to a geth node or similar (which I presume you are) is totally crazy (read: crazy bad, not crazy good) IMO.

    Managing a node for mining on the ether network isn't a small job. Ideally you should be running multiple node varients (e.g. geth and parity) with an intermediary layer to handle out-of-sync situations and to gather stats on miner work/shares/blocks, and probably run multiple sets of nodes at different locations. This doesn't even get into other relevent pieces offered by pools like DDoS protection.

    50MH/s isn't enough to get anywhere close to evening out solo-mining variance. @wirelessnet2 wasn't saying 50MH/s was a minimum, he was just acting flabergasted by people with only 1-2 GPUs trying to solo mine and wondering why they aren't finding blocks. 1GH/s would be a reasonable minimum I'd say, and even then pool mining probably makes more sense (unless you really enjoy maintaining and monitoring software constantly); a 1% fee is very small compared to the effort required to solo mine effectively/efficiently.
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    @work thanks for your argued answer. My concern about pool mining is not the fee, but the autonomy, so the decentralized concept behind the blockchain. Why the algorithm/structure chosen for ethereum could not allow solo mining to be suitable (little work, little remuneration) ?

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    I have followed your advice to mine in a pool and chosen ethermine over ethpool for its PPLNS mode.

    Now, I'm mining at only 38 MH/s because I have lost the 4 MH/s of CPU mining of my Geth node. Is there a way to connect Geth to pool ?
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    @fgallaire it's simply the nature of mining (and many other things) - it's easier and more consistent when people group together. Hard to imagine a blockchain design that would make solo-mining more worthwhile; if you can think of one, let me know! World class DDoS protection, stability thru node balancing, and nice stats are simply more cost effective and achievable as a group (aka pool of miners). Not to mention joining together as a pool decreases income variance proportional to the size of the pool - something not achievable with solo mining no matter how fast the blocks are.

    You should be able to CPU mine to a pool, but I don't think with geth. CPU mining is likely not worth the power costs tho, so I don't know much about available mining software. I believe genoil has or had a cpu option. You'll need to do a bit of googling on that one.
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    @work whats your current hashing power, are you over 5GH?
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