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Hi, my name is Michael Trout guy behind foundups since 2010 I have been talking, mostly to myself via 100s of YouTube videos, about foundups replacing startups. Now with ethereum foundups is possible. Last night I spent over hr chatting with Stephan about foundups as I did with Mihai way back in 2011. Everything I told Mihai that I needed to be able to do can now be done with ethereum. In a way, I have been architecting on ethereum in my head for 4 years. Skype:foundup

So I am now in full dev mode. July-August assembling a team around our senior systems architects both with 20+ years experience and I am looking to add some more talent. Don't worry there is lots of work that needs to be done and it is going to be a ton of fun! Like ethereum none of us are getting paid. We are part of this for the possibility to create something epic.

Think of Foundups as a decentralized, bottom-up, open, business model for launching !nnovation for the people by the people, and Startups as centralized top-down closed business-model for launching innovation for the few by the few. Facebook was launched by a few to make money for a few. Another way to think of foundups is like this... ethereum is the software... foundups hardware and PLAY FOUNDUPS® as the string that ties them both together.

Here is a linkedin post of mine the day I learned about ethereum that talks about the big picture reality what "foundups on ether" and what we will usher in: - and the follow-up post

Btw for those who haven't figured it out... (don't worry you are not alone) "!" = bottom up !nnovation where as "i" = top down innovation. "Comprende?" :) idea = ideas launched as startups, where !dea = !deas launched as foundups. The point of the usage is to differentiate between the old and new paradigms. And that is very important because it allows me to be clear about what kind of idea or innovation I am talking about. Also here is a link to the foundups on LN ethereum group: and foundups app subgroup:

our ethereum PROJECTS:

1) Foundups widget - a validation and free ether crowdfunding (extension, plugin for web browsers and social media apps) that will drive people to ethereum in the 1000s. Simple, powerful and ready to be coded.

Foundups is simple plugin/widget/extension for browsers and that will play a very important role for foundups and create something I invested called passive crowdfunding on PLAY FOUNDUPS app. Getting started: Look at Buffer, Pinterest, Evernote and Ritetag extensions and how they integrate on Hootsuit and FB etc.. Foundups plugin/extensions will be added to many popular social media app or extension in the same way Buffer and Ritetag currently are.

1a) Launch - currently point to our never-ending crowdfunding platform for launching foundups (hardware). will look and feel similar to PLAY FOUNDUPS® app

WE ARE SEEKING DEVS with: Chrome, Firefox extension plug-in interest or experience. Facebook API, G+ API, Hootsuit, Twitter, Evernote API and of course interested in coding on bleeding edge web 3.0 ethereum platform

2) PLAY FOUNDUPS® app- is a mobile app built on ethereum for launching, validating, managing, funding and scaling up foundups. very VIDEO intensive. It will offer the 1st no fee decentralized crowdfunding 2.0 solution (crowdfunding is not now business model. It a free service for foundups) that we project will disrupt centralized crowdfunding 1.0 markets (kickstarter, Indigogo etc). All the designing has been done over the last 4 years for this app. All that needs to do is build it on ethereum.

SEEKING DEVS with: Java, php, html5, youtube api. autonomous agent, google map api, GEO location, augmented reality and of course interested in learning bleeding edge ethereum

DEVS need to be willing to dedicate a minimum of 5 hrs of coding a week. Experience is not that important a willingness to learn and achieve milestone using a scrum development framework is.
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