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    Summer is in full swing for most pimps and we are keeping our rigs hot and our wallets piling high with coins. Lots of big changes in the pipeline for pimps including big AMD driver upgrades, major stability fixes, and better tuning ability!

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    HOT Breaking News! PiMP Referral program is now live.

    It's now fast and easy to refer others to PiMP OS and earn commissions.

    My Referrals Page has registration settings, your Referral Link, banners, program rules, and earnings information:


    All new banners and art for referral program can be found here:

    Referral Program Terms and Conditions are explained here:

    Earnings: 10% of net sales you refer.

    PiMP has always been the advocate for crypto currency miners.

    Referral Program Guidelines

    By signing up to participate in this program, you will be held to PiMP's referral agreement. Here’s the tl;dr, but the full program rules are located at getpimp.org/terms.

    Generate your Affiliate link and share it with others. DO NOT SPAM WITH OUR LINKS. Please be ethical and act as a good example in the crypto community.

    You may use our banners, logos and icons to promote on your blog, your Facebook, Youtube channel, Snapchat, Twitter.

    Affiliate links that result in a successful, completed purchase will produce a credit on your account equal to 10% of the net sales.

    Credit earned can be redeemed for credit for PiMP and Miner.Farm purchases.

    Miner.farm Roadmap

    We know you have not seen much changing on miner.farm and that’s because we have been making major changes that required us to do a lot of backend work. What you need to know is: miner.farm 3.0 will work with existing PiMP rigs, it will allow you an easy place to manage your farm as well as other farms, and all of the buttons and functions will be easier to access and provide visual feedback so it’s easier to use.

    miner.farm 3 preview - account page:

    ALL NEW Integrated account management: miner.farm and PIMPOS keys all in one easy to find location, along with a complete history of transactions and changes to your account. We are finally able to bring you total control of your information, keys and farms all in one place!

    Accounts will be able to have more than one farm, allowing you to more neatly divide your operation into production and development, or manage multiple farms for different customers. Resellers will be able to build up and transfer farms to their customers (based on additional Resellers package, details TBA!).

    PiMP OS Key management is simple and direct. Reset your own key – no more waiting between reimages!

    miner.farm 3 preview - farm admin page

    Introducing the ALL NEW Farm Admin page, where you can manage settings, agents and configurations for each farm.

    In addition to the familiar Subscription information, Preferences settings and Farm Keys panes, the Agent controls have moved here, keeping your main Farm View uncluttered and simplifying control of your rigs. Clicking on one in the list displays a modal with the controls you have today in miner.farm, plus new features tba
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    **pimpup 20181130** Just released! Many miner updates and fixes! Details here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/4/updates-and-change-log/19 Thank you for your support!
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