[PiMP: Portable Instant Mining Platform] 64bit, Scrypt/N/ETH/XMR/ZEC and many more

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It's here! PiMP 1.9 and 2.0 are released.

Announce video: https://getpimp.org/video-brand-new-pimp-software-to-mine-cryptocurrency/

Quick Start
Comes as a pre-built image so you don't have to install drivers and programs yourself.
Default configs and miners are provided so you can mine out of the box.
Simple commands can change all your workers, wallets, and pools in config files.
You also get a GUI desktop for easy local operation of the rig.

Easy to use
Manage your miners with easy commands: stop/start, switch, edit, del, and status
Customized PiMP editor provides syntax highlighting and integrated syntax checking for easy config edits.
Remote VNC/RDP is preinstalled to make it even easier for Windows miners to upgrade to PiMP.
While tweaking and tuning, use the test commands and attach to screen of miners to get a closer look.
integration with miner.farm makes easy online web monitoring a snap and problems easy to see.
You get simple backup tools that save a copy of your confs and miner builds for later.
Control all GPU, CPU, and ASIC miners from the same interface

Real support
GPU types and counts are shown at the login screen for instant troubleshooting information.
You have a team of developers, miners, testers, and other community members available in chat to help you use the software 24/7.
Built in diagnostic tools provide the critical information you can share, so you can get help faster.

State of the art
You have support for nearly all open-source and binary miner software out of the box.
All data communications to miner.farm are SSL/TLS encrypted for your security.
Use a platform built fresh on a modern distro release, all new from the ground up.
Volume license and mass deployment commands and tools are included for multi-rig setups.
Enjoy support for the latest AMD GPUs with custom tools to manipulate the settings.
Have a professional look so you can impress your friends or your clients.
Secure coding done is by professional, experienced developers and sysadmins.
Check stats at a glance with USB LCD backpack display support.


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    the testers and devs have been working up more guides for you.

    Here is the guide on editing confs so far: https://getpimp.org/how-to-edit-and-tune-your-miner-confs-the-fastest-and-easiest-way/
    Here is some more about minerfarm: https://getpimp.org/what-is-miner-farm/

    Pictures and videos to follow... You can view our actual tracker for pimp marketing and website here: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/1174064

    Please let us know what videos and guides pimps want and we'll make them for you!
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    heya all you pimps out there

    a good reminder to all of you
    if you want to get involved with pimp now is your chance
    we are currently expanding in our test team department
    you can fill in the first form via https://goo.gl/forms/JVT1AMXMf5cgmMZ92

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    PiMP rc10 Released to the crypto miners Dec 22 2016! Claymore/Optiminer Zcash updates!!!

    See you on IRC miners! Come join the fun and mine some crypto!
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    we are ACTIVELY working on nvidia support. You can follow PiMP development more closely in our Livechat, #PiMP, by subscribing to our Assistant PiMP e-Newsletter on getpimp.org, following us on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

    You can also see pimp2.0-nvidia rig(s) on the PiMP farm as we are creating and working on them, at any given time, https://miner.farm/farmer/pimp

    Early 2017 we should have a pimp-2.0-nvidia release for you.
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    Hey PiMPs!

    It’s been a great year. We’ve had lots of parties here at the office (and lots of drinking, too!), but now it’s time to clear our heads, dust off our desks and get back into the game.

    Today, we’ve come forward with our first big content update to PiMP. It includes the latest versions of:
    Optiminer’s Zcash GPU Miner
    Claymore’s Zcash GPU Miner
    Nicehash’s Zcash CPU Miner

    To update, simply stop your miners and open up a terminal window. In the terminal, type pimpup, followed by the number of the miner you wish to update.

    Restart your miners, and that’s it. Now you’re ahead of the game and your rigs are PiMPed out with the latest updates!

    If you run into a problem, or need some assistance, or even a friendly chat, find us on the freenode IRC server at #PiMP.

    Happy mining!

    The PiMP Team
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    Hello PiMPs!

    So far everything has been running smooth - but they keep releasing updates to miners! Thankfully, you’ve got the PiMPUp Update Platform. This lets you get the latest miners sooner - and get a huge head start above the competiton.

    Thanks to PiMPs coming for live chat support, we’ve pushed several great fixes for reliability with the miner.farm agent. We’ve got temperature, fan, and clock control for GPUs - and started on some of the framework for new features coming this year.

    There’s also a major Optiminer Zcash update for stability - version 1.3.1, and you can auto-upgrade to it.

    First, be sure your miners are stopped with the pimp --stop command.
    Run pimpup. It will guide you through PiMP updates, if there are any.
    Choose Optiminer from the menu. Should get a big green Success after that.
    Run edit zcash-opti.pcfg to change your configuration. FLAGS= should NOT contain the --experimental-kernel flag, this was needed for 1.2, but will break v1.3.1 and newer. You should remove that if it is in there. This is near the bottom of the file.

    There’s also been lots of bug fixing and improvements to miner.farm, so it is even easier to see your rigs at a glance. Visit the PiMP farm at https://miner.farm/farmer/PiMP/farmstatus for a look!

    Now, for the numbers!

    The new Optiminer on your PiMP OS is more stable and gives a nice bump in Zcash hashrate. In the picture below, 2 r360 cards went from 80 sol/s with Optiminer 1.2, to 100 sol/s in Optiminer 1.3.1.

    Don’t worry PiMPs - we’ve got much more in store for you, and we’re just getting warmed up for 2017. It’s gonna’ be a great year for cryptocurrencies, and we’re glad to help bring mining to all!

    ~ The PiMP Family
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    Hello PiMPs!

    Totally forgot to mention we also have a great new landing page for the zcash miners


    ~ The PiMP Family
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    Hello Pimps!

    Did you know that with a purchased copy of PIMP comes a Free base subscription of Miner.Farm - A webbased control and monitoring system for your rig.

    If you are already using Miner.Farm and any awesome features yet ???

    so if you are a small hobby miner or a bigg farmer you can do it just the way you like

    start and stop your miner from anywhere
    switching pools
    switching miner program
    monitoring problems and setting alerts
    collapsable farm view to make it easy
    having a private farm

    whatever your style or flavor of mining is this tool makes your mining experience easy

    For a preview of the farm come and have a look here : https://miner.farm/farmer/pimp/farmstatus

    Did i mention that it is an affordable tool just look at the picture below.

    if you are a very large pro farmer we also have some great options for you then contact us if you are at info@miner.farm or info@getpimp.org

    PiMP Family
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    Hello PiMPs!

    dbct here with the biggest news of the year!

    So far itś a wild ride so where to begin, let's begin by this pimp is staying very up to date on the miner programs so you can just type "pimpup" and it will download the latest pimp and minerfarm software instantly. you can then pick any of the miners to update in place. it's that easy! (or look below and for info on what we have have put in the new fresh RC11 release).

    Part of the pimp family called miner.farm. This is a secure web-app that lets you control the miner in many ways (start/stop and switching to name just a couple)
    Also, our new pimp versions come with the free edition of miner.farm. this lets you see the miner on the PiMP Farm page for all the pimps to use.

    We are working on miner.farm every day to put in the features that you ask us for. We also decreased all of the subscription prices to make it easy for all pimps to control their rigs like the pros do and we are working hard to give you the best mobile view so you can manage your rigs where you want when ever you want.

    Next to this we have a lot of great things lined up:

    We want to make it more accessible for miners,PiMPing out more platforms like CentOS, Android and Windows
    We have lots of bugfixes and improvements in the back end that most pimps will never notice, but it makes your tools work better!

    The most important for YOU (the miner): we want to give you the best support and the most easy mining experience so we will continue to build more and more guides, videos, and tips as well as updating your Users Guides and You can ask your own questions in the PIMPs Corner! https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner

    We want the miners voice to be pimps voice so this is why we try and be very active in our live chat irc for all your questions , tips , jams or just a chat you are always welcome.


    The getpimp.org website got some love too!

    undergone changes to make things easier for people to navigate
    pimp the world project is a fact now!!!!!
    hashrates can be added and the display is cleaned up

    PiMP 1.9 & 2.0 versions just got:

    Fresh new release RC11 with all the fixes, updates and new miners included.
    fixes include more stability for more uptime
    improved gpu data gather
    a quicker reboot to deal with stuck GPUs
    “pimp --stop all” command, a feature requested by the pimps
    the newest miners available ASAP to you
    added the best pascal miner we could find!!!!

    Miner.Farm (managing, monitoring and alerting tool)

    We also lowered the prices on miner.farm to make everything more accessible for every miner.


    stability service fixes.
    many cosmetic tune ups.
    bug fixes.
    reboot miner from website is now also possible.
    switching profiles from website is also possible.
    and big farm solutions and collapsible views
    Bitcoin and PayPal payment option
    and we even got the agent working on the popular raspberry Pi!

    We are very proud to say that we make the PiMP dev/testing/support teams available to our fellow mining developers for collaboration. This is a win-win for the pimps and for all of the miners.
    As pimp family grows bigger we are looking for more team members, please visit https://getpimp.org/help/about to see if you are needed!

    PiMP Family

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    how can i download the free version of v 2.0
    i only have 1 rig so not adviced to buy the full version
  • darkblade2kdarkblade2k the netherlandsPosts: 19Member
    hello eric
    thanks for your interrest in our product
    PiMP is now paid commercial software. For more information: please read this entirely: https://getpimp.org/faq/how-do-you-charge-for-pimp-and-for-miner-farm/

  • ericeric Posts: 71Member
    on your post above (January 17) there's a Free version
  • darkblade2kdarkblade2k the netherlandsPosts: 19Member
    hello eric
    this post is about our miner.farm subscription based service here we have a free version that comes with a purchased version of pimp.
    Miner.farm is the secure farm management and monitoring tool of choice designed purely by the voices of pro miners. Details at https://getPiMP.org/products/miner-farm

    please reread the post

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    Hey PiMPs!

    We’re bringing you what may be our best news yet: PiMP now officially supports Nvidia.

    Our development team has been hard at work to bring PiMP to the green side - after all, it shouldn’t matter what colours you wear: every miner deserves to be PiMPed out!

    PiMP 2.0 Nvidia is now fully integrated with miner.farm, along with a slew of other features, including:
    A free, base subscription to miner.farm,
    The latest drivers,
    Regular updates via the “pimpup” command,
    Stable and reliable OS,
    24/7 support in our IRC channel, #PiMP
    User guide,
    Tested miners,
    And more!

    A special thanks to Epsylon3 of ccminer fame for helping us troubleshoot and integrate his miner into the PiMP OS.

    We’ve got bugfixes galore! The desktop GUI problems have been eliminated, thanks to our development team and our contributor, Snipa, who runs xmrpool.net.

    We’ve also just released the RC16 version of 1.9 fglrx, and 2.0 amdgpu-pro


    UPDATE NEWS!!!!!!!

    Its here and we have a major update / bugfix (please run your pimpup in terminal)
    PIMP version 2.0 does not have a desktop GUI problem any more thanks to our dev team and our contributor snipa from xmrpool.net

    Today we also released the RC 16 version of the 1.9 fglrx and the 2.0 amdgpu-pro these versions have all the updates and fixes in them , you can also get them by using our update tool called pimpup.

    Switching from a non-api miner to a api miner works now in minerfarm agent.

    For the latest user guide look no further just click the link https://getpimp.org/guide2/

    To see what was changed and what upgrades/updates where made please checkout the links.


    For the 2.0:

    For the 1.9:


    For the 2.0 Nvidia version of pimp


    Today we also released an update to our miner.farm the biggest update is that we are now able to give you hashrates from no api miners like claymore and uptiminer.
    This update is also in the pimpup and our latest download release.


    We just launched our referal program.
    Its as simple as 123

    Go to https://getpimp.org/home-landing/my-account/ and get your referral URL. (e.g. Your Referral URL: https://getpimp.org?raf=ref7518466)
    Give this URL out to people when you recommend PIMP.
    When they check out, you will receive coupon codes in your email that you can use at checkout on getpimp.org.

    As development gets bigger and there will be a price increase current pimp price till 31 march 2017 will be 25 dollar after 31 march 2017 this will be 30 dollar.


    The new way of viewing our helpme tool is totally revamped to make it a clear view.
    This is one of our frontline tools to best help you get your miner info and showing you and us here the problem is so you or with a bit of our help kan fix it

    Conclusion :

    As the year is just 2 months old these 2 months have been major for pimp and we hope that our updates and fixes work well for everyone.
    If you find anything out of place or not working please let us know, we at pimp try to make mining accessible for everyone again.
    We from pimp are always looking for bloggers,vloggers and youtubers if you seen our product and want to write a blogg or make a youtube please contact us via mail (info@getpimp.org or dbct@getpimp.org ) or come to our irc channel.

    Community/Testing/Support Manager
    mail: dbct@getpimp.org
    irc: dbct

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