Help, please! Cant get my Ethereum Wallet to sync.

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When I download the latest Ethereum Wallet (0.8.7) and install and sync from scratch it works. But when I close it and try to resync it, I get this message and it wont sync:

Client v1.4.4-00000000 seems older than the latest upstream release v1.5.4-b70acf3c I1210 15:30:29.670190 release/release.go:134] Please check for new releases I1210 15:30:29.670190 release/release.go:135] ---

So, every time I need to access my wallet, I have to reinstall from scratch and wait like 8 hours. As far as I know, I have the latest version of the ethereum wallet.

This is another error it cycles through:

Synchronisation failed: invalid v, r, s values

invalid v, r, s values I1210 15:35:30.664442 eth/downloader/downloader.go:278] Synchronisation failed: invalid v, r, s values

This is driving me nuts...I use Windows 10. If I follow the link in the error, I can download source code but no idea what to do with that (I am not a developer - thought this would be more user friendly :/).

Any help would be much appreciated. What am I missing?


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