Survey on ethash miners

bhanu545bhanu545 Member Posts: 53
Hey guys, Just want to open this thread to compare the effectiveness of miners like ethminer, sgminer, claymore, ethos etc.

Its not just about hashrate but the no.of shares which would increase the income in mining in any pool.

whats the best miner you think is for you?

I use claymore and I calculated my shares per hour of different cards i have.

Least ones are the hynix memory rx 470 4gb. They produce very low shares whatever settings i have but also take very low energy. Sapphire nitros very silent and cool and energy efficient.
Elpida, samsung memory cards are efficient as far as i observed.

But i havent used other miners, so let us all know what your stats are.


  • rmhrmh Member Posts: 410 ✭✭✭
    Claymore's miner is a prestidigitation for me. It reports more hash than other miners, but when i compare long-term results on the pool side, it's the same like genoil's. (And the reported diff is more than the devfee would be)
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