Words Of Encouragement To All My Fellow Ethereians!

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To all my fellow miners and other members of the Ethereum community. We have all fought very long and very hard. We have endured many difficult situations. However, with each challenge we've faced, we have overcome it. I will not re-iterate these challenges because we have read enough about that from the media. What I have noticed as that these challenges have had a very positive impact on the community as a whole by pulling those who are in agreement with Ethereum's goals even closer together. This has strengthened us, who are like minded and understand the importance of this project. The challenges we've faced have also served us in a positive manner by weeding out many greedy people who more or less created a rift or divide amongst us. The United States president Abraham Lincoln once stated "A House Divided Can Not Stand". From this very quote you can see that what we've experienced has actually united us, who are like minded, in the common goals of the betterment of the Ethereum technology. As we become less divided in our goals Ethereum becomes a stronger community. The ETC split has worked to our interests by ridding our community of those who where stuck in the old ways of bitcoin and looked at Ethereum as just another crypto currency. Now most of us that remain share a vision that Ethereum is not just a crypto currency but a revolutionary technology that is a decade ahead of others who fight progress in technological innovation for their own fears of not making profit. These individuals who have stopped support for our community are stuck in the past because of their own fears of loss of income. However, do not be alarmed by this. It is a cycle that repeats itself at least every 50 years but as the computer age has come in these cycles seem to be increasing exponentially. I encourage you to study Long Wave Theory to learn more about technological innovation, how it meets resistance, but how throught history it has actually ended up paving the way for economic growth and stability. Therefore, I would like to thank all of you who are still in full support of this community. I am in a transitional period from mining to developing within Ethereum. Mining was a tool whereby I could have the time to fully study the ins and outs of the community and I look forward to surprising all of you with my contributions. To all of you feeling discouraged, don't be. If you joined this community for the reasons I did, to support the development of a new technology that builds upon the concepts of Blockchain but is actually very different, then stick to your ideals. We are here to bring positive changes to the world and I assure all of you there as a massive amount of innovation taking place and I am very excited when I am able to announce what myself in collaboration with others have been working on. When I am able to release this you will realize that your efforts have not gone in vein. I fully encourage all miners to do as I have and start learning Solidity and while mining begin creating DaaPs on a testnet. Once you start writing decentralized applications that's when you really start seeing how powerful Ethereum is. Also, as future releases roll out I assure you it's only going to become better.

To DaaP developers either new or existing I encourage you to challenge yourself and to think outside the box. To try to make DaaPs with true utilitarian real world uses. Instead of trying to make gimmicky random number generator DaaPs and things of that nature, think of a real world problem and write a DaaP to solve it. We are all here to help and support each others efforts. Also I fully encourage team work. If you have a large DaaP project that requires many different people, do not try to do it by yourself. Team work brings about perspectives and ideas that you may not have thought of. You should be cautious of who you team up with as you don't want to find yourself in a partnership with someone who doesnt share your vision. However, when you put the right team togeather to develop your DaaPs with a shared vision you will all feed off each others ideas and it will become far greater than any individual could have imagined.

Finally, I want to thank the Ethereum core developers as well as the Parity Technology developers and all other members of the open source community for all of your efforts in this. This technological breakthrough and us slowly moving away from the dogma of being a digital currency (While we do have one as part of the platform) and truly separating ourselves from what other projects are doing is inspiring. We are almost at the point now to where people wont even be able to refer to Ethereum as a "blockchain". While we use many of the concepts of it we are rapidly moving into new, completely uncharted areas of technological innovation. As for anyone who bashes our founders, please feel free to support another project. The founders of Ethereum have been completely transparent with all of us from the begging on their plans for the network and what they wanted to achieve. They have communicated with us and those outside the community openly through many channels from blogs to reddit to github. They have a proven track record of identifying any problems and acting quickly to resolve them to preserve the integrity of the network for the benefit of all of us within the community. I'm happy that most of us have supported them.

On a final note: No where in Ethereum's white papers, or any other published papers has the development of the project been about competing with bitcoin or as the media likes to states "Will ethereum be the next bitcoin?". I really dislike it when things like this get reported. The simple facts if you research the project and ignore the media is that being like bitcoin is the last thing most of us desire. Oh and for those individuals that are putting so much faith in bitcoin I would like to make you aware of one truth. Bitcoin has a finite quantity which last I checked was almost 2/3 mined. in 5 to 8 years it will be mined out and the mining reward before it gets to that point will have halved to the point that it will simply not be profitable for people. Prior to this, when the hype is high enough, large miners who have been bag holding most of the Bitcoin will dump it. They will have no choice because once Bitcoin reaches a certain critical level and mining stops, it will become worthless. This is because of one major fault in the Bitcoin whitepaper. The assumption that by creating a limited supply it would act like a form of Gold. This is true except for one error in the logic. Gold is a real tangible substance with a true finite supply. If all the Gold in the world where mined out today people wouldn't dump it because it has true value to it. Bitcoin only has value as long as it's being mined and as long as the transaction fee's are low enough for it to be a viable method for funds transfers. It's inflation is also dependent on those who are holding onto a massive amount who already are aware of this "bubble" and will dump there vaults on the masses prior to the pop of the up coming bitcoin bubble. Yes I said it... Bitcoin, due to a logic design flaw, is a bubble. It will pop, and when it does it will have 0 value. This is the very reason why I support ethereum because we don't desire to be a "Digital Gold". We desire to create new technologies.
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