Undervolting RX Nitro in Linux/Ubuntu?

CryptoManiacCryptoManiac Member Posts: 49
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Hi guys,

I am using Windows on my rigs and there is no problem to undervolt Sapphire Nitro RX cards with additional software like Trixx, Watttool, Afterburner or whatever. There is huge electricity savings on this. But now I like to build new rig with Ubuntu. I was trying to modify bios with Polaris bios editor but changing voltage settings on my RX Nitros is not working. All others options like overclocking and straps are working fine after flash but voltage is still in default.

So I thought there is also some software on linux which I can use. But I can't find anything. No Trixx, Afterburner or Watttool on Linux. There is some alternatives? How to do it on linux? Or how to modify bios voltage settings to work with linux on Sapphire cards?

It is even possible? I don't believe that linux users are not undervolting those cards. That causing big lost in electricity, especially for people who pays a lot for this (like me). Any suggestions?

Thank you.


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