Avaaz should accept Bitcoin donations

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I have for some time now been a supporter of Avaaz.org, it has 37,540,562 subscribers, Avaaz is only five years old, but has exploded to become the globe's largest and most powerful online activist network. — The Guardian

I also make small donations from time to time but am surprised to see they do not as yet support BTC donations. A week ago I started a petition to request Avaaz begin accepting them. So far I only have 13 supporters, who I must thank for sharing my sentiments and taking the time to vote.

The challenge with all networks is the initial building of the snowball, the same is true for campaigns. I think Avaaz could be so much more powerful if they merge their platform with the blockchain, this will allow for many interesting features as well as provide a powerful environment for both the crypto community and the lobby environment, i.e. strong symbiosis.

to gain critical mass one has to bang a drum but to attract attention without becoming annoying or coming across as a spammer while do so. To try generate some spark and traction I thought of offering some LTBCoin to those who sign the petition, the idea is to reward empathy and incentivise activism and in this way ramp up critical mass.

The reasons why I am willing to donate towards the campaign is because it has multiple benefits: -

Early signatories get some LTBCoin for their efforts, this also expands the ecosystem and use of LTBCoin making the ones I retain more valuable

As the campaign grows we will attract a new audience of socially proactive community members from Avaaz to LTB again making the ones I retain more valuable

We hopeful are successful in getting Avaaz to Accept BTC (hopefully ultimately drop fiat)

Avaaz will hopefully start looking at what LTB is doing and further explore symbiosis (placing 37.5 Million activists on the Blockchains should be a very powerful combination)

To Start with I want to put 10 000 LTBCoin into the campaign, and am offering 100LTBCoins/vote for the first 100 voters
To claim them please post your couterwallet address on the LTBForum here http://letstalkbitcoin.com/forum/post/avaaz-should-accept-bitcoin-donations,

to reduce transaction fees I will do weekly payments starting Saturday.

PS don't forget to sign the petition ;-)


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