MoneyLab #3 Failing Better in Amsterdam

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MoneyLab 3 Failing Better
Symposium | Workshops | Exhibition
1 - 2 December 2016
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

A two-day symposium featuring talks, workshops and performances that confront the notion that finance is too big to fail.
Universal Basic Income, Feminist Economics, Global Finance, Financial Surveillance, Post-Work Society, Decentralized Democracy, Blockchain Governance, Smart Contracts, Credit Unions, DAOs, Publishing Models, P2P Distribution, Copyright Law, Streaming Models, Platform Cooperativism, Community Currencies, Commons Transition
After Bitcoin forked, and remains in tatters, it is now blockchain technology that ignites visions of deregulated and decentralized organization, while it is simultaneously sanitized by commercial banks. Meanwhile the sharing and “service” economy lost its innocuous veneer and streaming services have failed and continue to fold the music industry. Despite the mutation of crowdfunding into crowd-equity and platform co-operatives, artists and designers continue to struggle to financially support themselves. All the while the financial mediators of the previous centuries continue to drag themselves onward into global debt.
We are failing better, nonetheless. Workers’ unions are on the rise and numerous collectives are working together to collectively ensure their own wellbeing and build alternative models of social governance. The aspirations of grassroots organizations such as DiEM25, that promise to liberate social democracy from the stronghold of global finance, are gaining momentum across Europe. People’s parties such as Podemos and the Five Star Movement get closer to an electoral majority. This momentum has thrust radical economic alternatives onto center stage and some governments in Europe have begun experimenting with progressive policies such as a living working wage and a universal basic income.
MoneyLab #3 will assess the ambition of financial provocations that have ignited to establish a terrain of social and political reform, from decentralized networks to state governments. The rift we find ourselves in goes much further than 'the banks’ and financial retaliation can be considered more than attempts to fail better.
Virginia Alvarez, Tori Abernathy, Steyn Bergs, Anne Breure, Ruth Catlow, Alex Foti, Frank Jan de Graaf, Max Haiven, Austin Houldsworth, Dmytri Kleiner, Bindu De Knock, Jeroen Van Loon, Thomas Kern, Richard Kohl, Silvio Lorusso, Nathalie Maréchal, Renzo Martens, Nick McGuigan, Dan Mihaltianu, Sabine Niederer, Johannes Ponader, Patrice Riemens, Arthur Röing Baer, Emily Rosamond, Trebor Scholz, Brett Scott, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Cassie Thornton, Nathaniel Tkacz, Ben Vickers, Henry Warwick & Koos Zwaan.
The Accountability Institute, Baltan Laboratories, BitcoinWednesday, Feminist Economics Department, FIBER, Fine Art Financ€ Lab, Furtherfield, Nethood, PublishingLab & University of the Phoenix.
Evening Program
Thursday 1 Dec: Fiscal Drag Live, Mezrab, Amsterdam
Friday 2 Dec: Failing Better Afterparty, Roest, Amsterdam
Practical information
Tickets: € 10 per session
€ 30 per day
€ 60 two day pass
Students: 50% discount on all tickets
All tickets include lunch and evening program. Full program available here
@INCAmsterdam #MoneyLab
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