Some Questions regarding the status the Ethereum Project

I am interested in an update of where the Ethereum team is:

1) Do you have a working P2P network?
2) Do you have a working consensus algorithm other than POW?
3) What is the status of your wallet interface?
4) How do light-weight clients interact with Ethereum?


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    1) Yes, the testnet is up, and the go and C++ clients interop.
    2) No, not yet - To paraphrase Vitalik, "we're working on a mining algorithm that is more decentralized and fair that's what's currently out there. This is a difficult, but important, task, and after two two attempts that proved to be dead ends, we have a much more mathematically rigorous strategy based on randomly generated hash functions that is in the intermediate stages of development and appears to be holding its own well against initial scrutiny. We intend to develop this algorithm, and perhaps with the addition of hybrid proof of stake, as the consensus algorithm for Ethereum 1.0"
    3) We're working on conceptual GUIs for the reference clients, which include a wallet for ether. Slides with screenshot of what the EtherBrowser can be found at:
    4) Need more details to answer that questions :)
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