Announcing Project Zero Sum

HasLuxHasLux Member Posts: 48
I am currently working on a new project which I have code named Zero Sum. The project will be independently developed by myself and if the core dev team wishes to assist (Especially with future proofing the project) it would be greatly appreciated. This project will be built on the existing ethereum network and provides a utilitarian use for ethereum that has not been considered before. It is the project that all the speculators have been waiting for A.K.A the first system wide usage on a global scale of the Ethereum network that will be adopted by millions within days of it's release. Currently the project is in a status of classified so I can not release much information regarding it. I will be developing it on an offline test net. The project fully solves a global problem that needs decentralization. I have multiple reasons for choosing the ethereum network to develop this project on. This will all be divolged in my white paper. At this phase in development only partners willing to sign a non disclosure and non compete document as well as an in person meeting will be allowed additional information regarding the project. I am making this announcement just to let you know that in a couple of months the true utilization of ethereum will be realized on a major scale. I would like to consult with the core dev team regarding my project as well as security auditing.

I will be able to divulge additional information about project Zero Sum at the appropriate time and will keep you updated in this thread.

Thank you :)
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