Can't Mining with 2xRX 480

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I'm trying to mine with 2xRX 480 in the same rig but I fail in something. Windows 10 detects both GPUs. If I try to mine with Ethminer or Qtminer i have the "No GPU device with sufficient memory" error. If I list the cards on qtminer or ethminer they found both with 8g of memory.

I only can mine with this sentence but qtminer only detect one card:
qtminer.exe -s -u mywallet.rig3 -G --opencl-device 0 --opencl-platform 1

If I miss --opencl-device 0 part, only detect one card too.

C:\Users\Miner\Desktop\qtminer>qtminer.exe -s -u walletadress.rig3 -G --opencl-platform 1
Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!
i 21:35:34|main Connecting to stratum server : 4444
i 21:35:34|main Connection to stratum server established!
Found suitable OpenCL device [Ellesmere] with 8589934592 bytes of GPU memory
i 21:35:34|main Login to stratum server successfull
i 21:35:34|main Work package received
i 21:35:34|main Grabbing DAG for #002440e1

Any help?

I tried setx settings and It doesn't help either.

Solved mining with Claymore.
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    Set pagefile to 8 GB at least. Delete obsolete DAG's.
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    where are dags stored?
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    You have onboard video enabled? You try --opencl-platform 1 ?

    I wouldn't use qtminer at this point. It hasn't been updated pretty much since release. Genoil's latest branch of claymore's dual miner seem to be the prefered miners these days.
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    Do you have the latest AMD drivers installed. Previous to the latest Drivers you had to follow a few steps to get your Rx 480 to be able to mine with. With the latest AMD drivers you don't need that anymore. I would us DDUI to do a clean uninstall of all amd drivers, then install the latest AMD driver. Set page file to at least 16gb also. Hope that fixes your issues
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