[Hiring] dAPP Developer

ryaathryaath Member Posts: 2
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I am looking to hire a ethereum developer to write a smart contract / dApp that basically creates a centralized wallet with 1,000,000 newly created coins, that when someone sends ether to it, it sends back a 1:1 ratio and keeps the ether in escrow? with a Simple web UI that can allow someone on the front end to register with their firstName, lastName, age, Social Security number, address and their ether address and some simple drop down fields. And have the users ether wallet address and how much ether they sent visible on the public ledger, and a separate backend to display the name and other info for internal use ? or is something like this not possible ? From what I can tell this shouldn't be too hard, but it could be a way for a competent dev to make a quick buck =) $$$

BTW this is needed ASAP like in the next month.

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