Questions about Dapp dev.

LuckySlevinLuckySlevin Member Posts: 1
I'm very excited about Ethereum and the possibilities I see for business and gaming applications but still trying to grasp some of the basics. So I'm hoping some of my questions can be answered.

1st. I have several PHP based projects that are already deployed, and since PHP is already cross-platform interoperable was wondering if its possible to convert those into Ethereum dapps. Sort of like converting PHP to C++, or is it so fundamentally different, or maybe too new that its not posible yet?

If there is no translation application that would be a very good way to attract established websites and applications to Ethereum.

2nd. I've seen a few articles about PHP APIs for Ethereum dapps, we have about 21 API functions and can easily build more, but would we still need to code the smart contracts for the functions.

3rd. Is it just better to build a new dapp from the ground up? Trying to avoid this if at all possible. 1 of our project took close to 2 years to get out of beta and another year to get to RC.

4th. How well does Etherum deal with live XML or JSON datafeeds, some of our projects rely heavly on live data feeds for scoring systems.

5th. I thought I read somewhere that dapps require gas to run, where would the dapp get gas from minning?

Sorry for all the noob questions, I'm not a coder, I'm an entrepreneur who sees the potential for block chain and smart contracts. Thanks for your help.
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