RX 470 memory mod

wikakowikako Member Posts: 4
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I've been using the RX480 so far which has done mighty fine for mining with some modding. 29.2mh/s @120w currently.

Since AMD lowerd the price for RX470 they are very affordable. I got myself a RX470 to try it out.

I noticed that when I try to overclock the memory the performance of the card actually drops. I think that this happend to the RX480 cards aswell that had been limited to 4gb memory by bios. Could it be that the RX470 actually also have 8gb onboard or is this just a wet dream?

Do you think I eventually could solve the performance issue by modifying the bios to 8gb or will I only ruin the GPU by doing that?

Thanks for your advice guys!
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