MEOH - The quantum social network

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MEOH aims to connect the most relevant and trustworthy people together to achieve their projects.
MEOH stands for “Many Embers One Heat”.

MEOH in a nutshell:
The aim of MEOH is to leverage and put into action the connections, resources, competences and talents of its members that are not used because people:
* have no access to the labor market (jobless)
* do not want to be part of it (“no future” generation)
* are part of it but feel disengaged, feeling they’re losing their time (hate Monday, love Friday)
* have projects but not the necessary resources to achieve them (creators and entrepreneurs)
* have resources and ideas but not the community to test out their economic potential
As a result, an ever growing pool of dormant resources did remain untapped… until now.

Optimizing the strengths you already have:
* Working on your natural abilities, talents and passion-driven projects because this is what you do best effortlessly.
* Leveraging the assets of your trusted network because that's what you’ve already built up.
* Strategy : Being who you’re meant to be > Building the community around your purpose > Impacting together while being recognized for your unique qualities > Inspiring others

The main features of MEOH:
* Quantum profiles > making you the center and the flagship of your network
* Fractal navigation > trust and relevance first
* Smart governance > decentralized consensus at scale with people you know
* Neural connections > ever changing social graphs, keeping the network clean
* Data ownership > to the MEOH members
* Search algorithms and means of analysis > GPL license as a commons
* P2P architecture > fully distributed network

Please see file attached or have a look at this page for a short introduction to MEOH:
This project is at an early stage, your feedback matters, all comments and suggestions are welcome!
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