Ethereum & Reputation Systems

zilleriumzillerium London, UKMember Posts: 1
I am interested to implement an architecture on top of Ethereum which provides a reputation for a seller online. I want to connect to anyone interested in the same subject. I am in London and I do network at Google Campus.

My idea is for sellers to provide cashback tokens so that buyers have an incentive to leave a review on the blockchain with a smart contract interpreting the token and paying out a cryptopayment to the buyer after the review is left. This is a step towards ecommerce on Ethereum which will have a trust measurement of the seller.

Mostly my experience is in ecommerce and Big Data.

The reviews on the blockchain then may be used by analytics companies to provide recommendations.


  • HasLuxHasLux Member Posts: 48
    I like the concept but I dont like that the seller is paying for a review. I would not trust if a seller was paying for it. Perhaps a buyer/seller on public blockchain review contract would be better. The incentive is that the buyer and the seller both receive on blockchain repuation points. I'm very interested in the project but there are many many details to work out. It's deffinitley a team effort. There are already reputation tokens but they have value and can be exchanged.

    For a system like this to truly work a reputation token with the buyers rating and review should be generated by a buyers purchasers smart contract. The buyers review should be weighted based on reviews they have received from sellers and vice versa. This creates a reputation incentiviation system instead of a monetary incentivization system for all parties. Where by being honest makes more since. New buyers that give a seller a bad rating will not have much of an affect on a long term seller with a lot of good ratings. But a buyer/seller with a massive amount of ratings would on the other hand carry a lot of weight. I believe a wonderfull white paper could be written up on the subject. Great concept I hope some of my ideas regarding it are helpful.
  • TerenceMTerenceM Member Posts: 1
    zillerium said:

    I am interested to implement an architecture on top of Ethereum which provides a reputation for a seller online.

    Did you find a fellow traveller?

    I am in Scotland, working on DWoM (Digital Word of Mouth) reputation system, and would be glad of the company.

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