Tracing and Proof of Physical Assets

I am interested in understanding the process of how a physical asset can be recorded into the Ethereum blockchain to provide provenance and proof of what the item is and where it came from.
Im struggling to understand how a user can 'upload' information to the blockchain and someone else will verify that the item is what the user is says it is, specially when that user is the only source of truth. For example if a producer of food says his food is organic he is the only one that can knows that information to be true (except in the case of a certification)

Technical information for dummies apprecited ☺:-)


  • RabassoRabasso Member Posts: 151 ✭✭
    in import/export goods they have companies that just do that, they verify if that container is full of grain of this quality etc etc etc, so the person who bought that in the other side knows he is receiving what he is getting.

    Something like that will happen with this tech, i don't see other way around that problem, also if you build reputation and is solid you could trust the other person, but there will always be a threshold on which the amount of trust doesn't equate to the Value that is been traded (you have an excellent rep on selling....stamps, not houses).
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    @ACC There are two projects that spring to mind to do what you are asking. One is which is a self­sovereign identity and attestation / validation platform. They (by which I mean we) are looking for solidity Devs at the Moment (hint hint) via -> is talenthunting and the other project is which is a supply chain transparency platform doing exactly what @Rabasso said.

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