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This is my opinion and I might be wrong, but I feel that Ethereum has become way to centralized between the Devs, the Foundation, and the hardfork. Why are people okay with this? Of course I understand that Vitalik and his people have investors that lost a lot of money, but how come they didn't revert the transactions for the little guy who very well lost his rent money. On top of all things Ethereum is going to fire 90% of its workers in a year from now and move to this thing they call P.O.S? Which seems to me like a bunch of bull and how is this so called pos going to work? Are the largest stake holders going to control the market?.Isn't the whole reason why we all invest into cryptocurrency is because CODE IS LAW!!!!? and the mere fact no one person, government, or organization can control us and how we spend our money.........


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    Not really sure the mining section is the right place for this.. you seem to be asking a question then just wrote a paragraph about why you think ETH sucks. So haven't you answered your own question ?

    If you're actually asking which you should be mining.. then mine whatever is most profitable and convenient for you.
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    I feel that Ethereum has become way to centralized

    If that's how you feel, leave the ethereum community. I'm not being a jerk when I say that; in this world your hashrate and your stake is your voice and your vote. If enough people feel like you do Ethereum will collapse under the weight of its hypocracy.

    Me, personally...I think it's juvenile to assume large interests won't eventually steer the crypto ship. Hell, any ship for that matter. Can you think of a sucessful movement, ideology, practice, or belief that didn't eventually coalesce around some sort of central leadership? And to be clear I feel the foundation is just that, leadership. Efficient and effective leadership at that. ...Not a dictatorship, as the autistic code-is-law types would have you think.

    The problems you're describing transcend ethereum and cut to the rotten heart of the world in which we live: The wealthy have concentrated their power and resources while the rest of us flounder in mediocrity. If it was all spread around and we all received something akin to a basic income the entire notion of toiling your life away 9-5/40hrs would seem brutal and absurd. Nearly every working class person I meet has the same weary look on their face come Friday evening, and yet every Monday morning they all show up to punch their time cards, because they can't imagine any alternative, programed as they are by an inadequate global education system and the deplorable shit stain we call popular culture.

    It'll take nothing short of a paradigm shift, a colossal and revolutionary rethinking of everything in this world and universe before life changes and we're all placed on a level playing field.

    Maybe that will never happen. We're animals, after all. Spineless and pathetic.
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    You know i'm just voicing my opinion not trying to offend anyone.last time i checked it is a free country..and i should be able too without feeling bad, even if it isn't the majorities opinion, but it just bothers me that Eth is suppose to be this decentralized internet 2.0 and no one should be able to control it.....? Don't get me wrong i think Vitalik and the foundation are incredible minded people but i just feel like they need to step back a little bit. Thats all i'm trying to say. I am a true believer in this community 100%. i actually have a miner running on so with that being said i am sorry if i have offended anyone just wanted to voice my opinion
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    @lonpotts07 if they step back we would not have what we have already, it takes a huge effort/money to be where ethereum is, think about it? you are putting money upfront for that miner to do its job. and your miner in return is part of the infrastructure of things. who do you think is developing the standards? who is thinking all those detail of how this complex machine works? this will take years and that is a big maybe there.

    If you so believe in decentralization you should be running a solo mining operation, so in that way you are really being part of the decentralization, you are making ethereum centralized.

    I think you have to do quite a bit of reading before making that kind of comments.

    @SpydrMstrmnd nicely written! I like it! I'm and animal, but big and strong!
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    @lonpotts07 if you are really motivated by the idea of a currency that is properly decentralized and democratic - you should check out DASH. It unfortunately isn't really feasible to mine with GPUs anymore since there are plenty of X11 (DASH mining algorithm) ASICs in the wild now, but it's network structure and governance model are really great if you are into the politics of this whole thing.

    When you mine X11 (DASH hashing algorith) for DASH the block reward goes 40% to miners, 40% to "supernodes" and 10% to funding it's governance and development. The supernodes are run by people who have to have a stake of 1000 DASH - they get to vote on any issues related to the DASH network, so they decide how the 10% funding is spent. They also provide instand send and private send transactions and they get around 10% (or more lately) "interest" reward on their stake each year. So the supernodes are like self appointed members of parliament or senators in a goivernment but they have a financial motivation for making good decisions. Obviously most people can't afford 1000 DASH but it's also possible to get shares in a supernode.

    If I was into this crypto currency thing for more idealistic than financial reasons I think I would be more involved with DASH. I actually shapeshift a lot of the ETH I mine into DASH. It's price has been healthy and gradually rising over the last 6-12 months so financially it's a good bet too. There is a good YouTube channel called Dash Detailed at
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    Thanks @newmz appreciate the heads up on Dash I kinda briefly looked into it. Looks very promising!
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