Interested in creating DApps. Advice Please?

syaoran99syaoran99 Member Posts: 204
Hi Ethereans, I'm a fresh grad student from a non-programming degree and I have recently been really interested in Ethereum's technology and the opportunities it is currently building, after seeing the enthusiasm and how awesome the people who are creating this ecosystem are beginning to change the world as we know it. As per the title, I would like to be able to create a DApp. However with no knowledge whatsoever in programming at all, not javascript, not C++ or any, where should I begin? Which language should be the starting point to learn about the essentials in building a Dapp and also hosting it? Would I need for instance C++/HTML/PHP knowledge before going into java? Is it possible for one person to be an expert in the multiple languages necessary?

Also, with that, are those coding languages sufficient to link the Dapp and have it function on the day to day web browser like Chrome/Firefox? Or are Ethereum Dapps strictly only accessible via Ethereum clients like Mist Browser?

Lastly, I know I may come of as silly(coming from the standard study hard enter university graduate and get a job stream of people), but does learning to code require another university degree or course or can it be self learnt? Any references to books that I could read from a library/ebooks would be very much appreciated. Also, straight on life facts as to what to expect being a programmer is like would be very much appreciated, eg. whether it is possible to learn enough code to even create a Dapp within a year, or how lifeless I'll end up and such haha!

Thank you for your time reading. I hope that one of you would be able to find the time to assist another enthusiastic yet unlearned guy in becoming a Dapp Developer that can help contribute to the ecosystem in the near future!
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