470 Nitro+ 8GB Issue w/ clocks @ stock

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So I have a rig currently with x4 R9 390s hashing away at 120 Mh/s.

Added 1 out of 2 RX 470s. Installed. Rebooting. Works stock @ 24.5 Mh/s.

But now when MSI Afterburning comes on w/ Windows, it sets my 390s to their desired settings.

It also is keeping my 470 locked at 300 Mhz... Which I don't know why as I haven't even touched the 470 in regard to messing with its settings.

Any ideas, suggestions, or anyone who has seen and fixed such an issue? Googling the "right" keywords isn't turning anything up atm.

If I can't come to a resolution, I'll have to edit my 390s' bios, and flash to each of the 390s so they just work without the MSI tool. Rather keep them on their stock bios TBH. At least I have plan B if nothing else.


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    Disabled "Apply at sys startup" w/ MSI AB.

    470 stays normal.

    Unchecked "Syn. settings for similar GPUs"

    Manually set each 390 to their desired specs.

    470 holding true.

    Will test w/ Apply at sys startup w/ Unchecked box to see if it holds.
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    Said fuck it. Uninstalled MSI AB

    Edited ROMs and flashed. 30 Mh/s each from startup.

    This includes the new 470 card. 1750 -> 2000 strap mod. Set Max RAM Clock to 2200. Flash. Reboot.

    Waiting for my 8 pin pcie extender to add my 2nd (6th total) 470.

    Getting 150 Mh/s now. 180 Mh/s Monday.

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    Which ab version u have ... Latest version supports Rx 470 .. I have the same combo producing 180mhs .. what's the power consumption?
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    I should have checked. I'm not sure which version I grabbed when I first setup the rig. I assumed it was the latest, but probably not given the issues I was facing.

    Glad to hear you got it working with your setup! I may give it another chance down the road.

    Once I find my kill a watt meter I'll bring it into work to get an accurate measure. My work doesn't pay electricity which means I don't have to pay for it either :D

    Given that, the R390s are slightly undervolted but not fine tuned per card, to run at 1070 core and 1225 ram clocks. (I've overvolted +100mV and got 1200 core which resulted in 34 Mh/s, if I could keep them under 80C without the fans above 65% then I'd go for it, but noise is the biggest concern being in an office environment. This resulted in 1400+ kW/h via 2 750W PSUs and only these 4 cards)

    The 470s are currently at stock voltages, though through reading on some threads on this forum it seems like most people are getting away with OC w/ undervolting them to save on power.

    In short, I fully expect my rig not to be power "friendly" compared to those paying for power. If I ever have to bring the rig home, I'll make them more economic.

    Also, I'm running via 3 PSUs. 2x 750 EVGAs and 1x 500 EVGA
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    i gave up on running 400s with any other series card in general
    i just bought a couple extra mobos and consolidated every 470 and 480 to the same rigs and 200s and 300s in their own same rigs
    msi AB doesnt seem to like 400s and using watt tool/watmon as well as AB becomes a rats nest
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    I just tried installing a beta v of MSI AB. Wouldn't start after installation. I uninstalled.

    I got my desired results w/o it currently. If I build a 2nd rig ( don't see myself doing so at this point, unless my friend wants to do one)

    Got my 2x 470 running. Currently 178 Mh/s total. Flashed both to the modded BIOS, but currently unstable at 2190 RAM clock. I get 182 Mh/s though, will work on getting it stable.

    1st card is 75% ASIC and the 2nd is 83%.

    Currently testing undervoting with stock RAM clocks.

    Currently 1000 mV core and 950 mV RAM. Lower temps and power. Loving it :D

    Currently at 1000 mV core & 975 mV RAM and OC to 2150. Getting 30 Mh/s per card and holding. Will give it 24 hours to see how it holds up. 182 Mh/s total.
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