New CEO coming on board with Ethereum?

I was just reading the most recent blog post that Charles Hoskinson will be moving "on to other activities in the space". Would I be correct in assuming that Ethereum is in the process of hiring a new CEO to guide the project to the next stages? If so, what kind of leader are the founders looking for?


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    Hello @celticwarrior72‌ - the following is from @vitalik‌ in the ethereum subreddit:

    "We had a meeting where we finalized and clarified our stance on a choice of path that we had on Ethereum's organizational status, specifically in terms of the non-profit/for-profit distinction and scope. At one point, we had the idea that we would have a dual mandate, both building the basic infrastructure and then eventually focusing on applications, working both unilaterally and with small and large corporate partners to deliver solutions for specific markets and thereby sustain ourselves in the long term as a hybrid application building firm and "VC 2.0". Now, I and the other core members of our team have decided that it doesn't really make sense for us to centralize everything under one bureaucracy (well, duh :) ), and we are instead pursuing the more focused mission of producing the Ethereum technology and surrounding basic infrastructure, allowing the free market to build out the for-profit and corporate-facing parts of the ecosystem.

    Specifically, our mandate includes Ethereum 1.0, Ethereum 2.0, a core set of decentralized applications such as wallets, reputation systems and messengers, and funding cool cryptoeconomic research through the Cryptocurrency Research Group (more details soon to come). Given these parameters and other concerns, I decided that a restructure of the organization was warranted, and proceeded in implementing a leadership more suited for these tasks. We will soon release a budget/business plan doc that details exactly what we see our deliverables and what we intend to build at different levels of funding (eg. $5m, $10m, $30m).

    Our current priorities are:

    - Ether sale (yes, we have been working hard at it the whole time; turns out, as we probably should have better predicted, that legal is hard)
    - Delivering Ethereum 1.0, including the clients and ecosystem as described by myself, Stephan and Gav in all of our various speeches

    Charles's absence from the new leadership team has no impact on the ether sale or the timeline of the Ethereum genesis block launch or its feature set; if you want to see how progress on actually building Ethereum is going, the only place where you can really see that is simply by looking at the level of activity on our github repos (my own efforts have been focused on the serpent/cpp branch, allowing Gav and Jeff to easily integrate Serpent compilation into their C++ and Go clients). We are not aware of the details of what Charles is now working on, but we wish him well. As for "who's the new CEO", because we are not a corporation we decided we have no further need for titles; Gav, Jeff and I are in charge of development, Anthony and Stephan in charge of outreach and communications, and Joe, Mihai and Taylor are leading internal operations and that's all we need.
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    Got it. I have not been following the subreddit closely. Time to start I guess.
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