nanopool payment issue

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Hello guys! I'm kinda newbie at mining and testing pools trying to figure out whole mining system completely.
I'm a coder and have a bit assembly experiance so no trouble to understand mining mechanism so far.

here is my nanopool account:
yea I'm using gtx760 for testing, pretty low hashrate overall.

my question is they were paying twice per day the time I was started (3 days ago) the payout limit was 0.1 ETH.
Haven't got any payment as you see in the account details..

than plans have changed. check it out:
"Ethereum payout limit decreased to 0.5 ETH." how the hell it 'decreases' 0.1 to 0.5 btw ?
and they had to delay payments and switched to 1 payment a day "temporary" as they posted previous tweet.
So I'm not getting payouts coz the limit "rised up" to 0.5 ETH or I'm missing somthing?
this is not my main wallet acount btw.
Thank you guys..
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