is dwarfpool stealing hashpower?

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I am opening this debate here, because dwarfpool is ignorant to all our requests, so there is no other way to inform them about something but here.

After a customer complained to us regarding rejects on dawrfpool, we analysed the thing and noticed following:

After some time of inactivity (if no shares are being sent from us), dwarfpool would stop sending new jobs. This issue is resolved after we again submit share (which would be stale of course, because dwarfpool was not sending new jobs). But every next submitted share would also be rejected (for unknown reasons), even though, it is NOT stale (analyse packets from 60 to 65 in wireshark: ).

So, what that means is following; if you have slow miner and your share submission falls below certain threshold set by dwarfpool, all your following shares will be rejected, even thought these are perfectly valid. In simple english for those who don't understand stuff about shares; if you have slow miner, dwarfpool may simply suddenly ignore all your work and never credit you for it, until you restart your miner.
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  • adasebadaseb Member Posts: 1,043 ✭✭✭
    This problem existed for a long time. I remember once my internet died and later the miner would work but every submitted share was rejected until I did a reboot of the rigs.
  • armymanarmyman Member Posts: 23
    I have started mining few days ago on this pool, the first time I have got about 5746 shares and 0.60 eth in 24h, with 135 Mh/s.
    After they paid me the first eth (after about 40h), the number of shares has dramatically dropped, and the "reward/period of time" is about the half now, if not lower.
    Now I am trying to restart the miner as you said, but if the result will still be the same, I will change pool.
  • percy_tcpercy_tc Member Posts: 6
    I have no problems with dwarfpool at all. RX470 and RX 480
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