Minare Ethereum con XFX RX 480 e Windows 10

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Qualcuno ha sperienza di mining su Windows 10?

Sto cercando di impostare un mining rig ma sto riscontrando problemi già nella fase di installazione dei driver, qualcuno sa se c'è qualche particolare impostazione/settaggio per WIN10 o da fare nel BIOS?

Riporto di seguito il mio post in inglese, ma posso tradurlo se serve.

Ogni aiuto da chi ha avuto questa esperienza sarà molto ben accetto, grazie!
Guys I am trying to setup the following rig:

Asrock H81 pro btc
16 gb ram DDR3
6 x XFX RX480 8gb
6 x PCI 1x 16
SSD external memory
Intel Pentium G3260
1200 w PSU
WIN 10 64 bit

I would like to install the latest version of Claymore's dual miner on it, the problem is that the PC can not even run the 6 GPU's all the same time apparently, without anything installed on it yet, but Windows (I am helping which is setting it up and we are about 2000 miles far from each other, so this doesn't help).

Now we have managed to start 5 out 6 GPUs, so probably the last one is having some riser problem, but still when trying to install the drivers (latest version of crimson) at 50% the pc shut down and restart.

What I have done so far is:

- lowering pci to GEN1 in BIOS
- remove any possible interfering software
- visrtual mem. to 16 gb
- pci connected to both GPUs and mobo

Is there any specific setup to do on win10 before installing the GPUs?
Anything that needs to be uninstalled, etc.?

Or maybe in the BIOS?
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