First distributed oracle nodes all setup - providing external inputs to smart contracts.

We just finished the first implementation of M of N oracles as explained in Orisi Whitepaper.
While some people say that this concept is unfriendly to Ethereum, what we believe it does is allow for smart contracts to finally utilise real world inputs, like weather, currency prices, or MTurk humans :)

The nodes' addresses and information is listed at

The oracles right now support just one command - a "timelock". It allows you to lock BTC funds on a multisig address for a period of time selected by you. The funds get unlocked only with both your signature, and signatures of above 51% of oracles you selected. Oracles will sign deliver their signatures once the time is up, and they have no way of running away with funds.

Here's the Orisi documentation

You can set up your own oracle server node, or you can launch a client and perform a basic timelock transaction.
While the system doesn't support Etehreum just yet, if anyone's interested in implementing such support, we'd love to see you aboard!

Other transaction kinds are coming soon - next week we'll probably have transactions depending on Bitstamp's BTCUSD price, and a generic mediation module depending on a word appearing on an url address similar to, but distributed.
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