Creating New Token Using crowdsale and share associations


I used Mist Wallet to create a smart contract for a coin Known as Trade Coin, together with relevant share association and also the crowdsale.

    a) How do I ask people know my own crowdsale is successful and how to fund into the crowdsale?
    b) and how to  effective give the trade coin tokens to people and cash out from the crowdsales?

    c) how to link up my crowdsale website to the above ethereum contracts I created?

    d) the solidarity codes example is very much generalized and not specified enough.

    e) I also have hard long time of months and still could not install the solidity compiler until I installed Visual Studio for win based Solidity compiler, but it is very troublesome to start this each time as I have start npm.

   Look forward to any kind soul can assist to give some pointers and specific useful links to resolve this?


HP : +65 96302109

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