Launching a new Crowdsale

se_happyse27se_happyse27 Member Posts: 9
 I just want to launch a simple Trade Coin crowdsale but it is really not easy!!!!!
 a) I created a Trade Coin Token Contract with ether address 0xC7a30a42fD386746bDfFEF6bA63D6392e6171FC1
 b) Also, created Trade Coin Token's Share association in ethereum address at 0x965564C2966aF925462f9EbD7f5e23975Ff12AA6 which have 2.49 ether now, but cant withdraw out the funds or execute contract
 c) finally, there is a Trade Coin Token crowdsale in ethererum address 0x965564C2966aF925462f9EbD7f5e23975Ff12AA6 which have 1.2 ethereum.
 Question is how do I activate the contracts above and also get the value out to the people who brought the coin.
 Also, my etherbase account is 0x76904dac38b2a067C089F0026Ca4474d257b78b4 and used to have 0.67ether until I top up 0.60ether just now. But it is not reflected in mist wallet as per item a to item c above, but reflected properly in
  Finally, it is extremely difficult to compile the solidity code in
  Please Advise how to launch the Trade Coin Token Crowdsale if possible step by step

thanks in advance
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